The Mobile HOPE Conference Schedule

The Eleventh HOPE
Hackers On Planet Earth

The HOtel PEnnsylvania, NYC
2016 July 22 - 24


Welcome to The Eleventh HOPE - the next in the series of Hackers On Planet Earth conferences put on by 2600 Magazine, The Hackers Quarterly. This is the Eleventh in the series, which is now held on a schedule of every other year in July.

Most HOPE Conferences have been held at The Hotel Pennsylvania in mid-town Manhattan for a variety of reasons. One reason we like it so much is the link to music named for the phone number of the hotel, PEnnsylvania 6-5000 (+1 212 736 5000). This is because of the PHone PHreak roots of 2600 magazine.

For more information, please refer to the main web site on your desktop computer, http://XI.Hope.Net

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1 Friday's Schedule 2010-07-22
2 Saturday's Schedule 2010-07-23
3 Sunday's Schedule 2010-07-24

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